The whisky trail belgium

The Whisky Trail Belgium is your free touring guide to everything that is best about whisky in Belgium.

The map presents an overview of the many whisky related places in Belgium. It will not only help you discover the distilleries of Belgium, but also the finest pubs, hotel bars, restaurants and whisky shops, where you can enjoy the very best in whiskies from all over the world and where you can enjoy Belgian hospitality.

The website is designed to provide inspiration for both the whisky enthusiasts from all over the world who don’t want to miss their daily dram and those who wish to experience the product as a part of a wider tour of the country. It is a call and challenge to smell, see, taste, talk and capture the magic and enchantment of whisky in Belgium.

With the Whisky Trail Belgium website you can create your own whisky tour. A whisky tour in Belgium is a truly unforgettable experience, blending incredible city trips in Bruges, Brussels, Liège, Tournai, Ostend and other beautiful cities with the beautiful scenery of the Ardennes, having dinner in a whisky restaurant, where the chef happens to be a whisky afficionado like yourself,  and having a last dram in your hotel bar before laying down your head to dream of what you have experienced. A self drive whisky tour around Belgian's famous Whisky Distilleries is indeed so much more than just a tasting tour of the "water of life".

During distillery visits you will be guided through every part of the process and you will be pleasantly surprised at the subtle difference in taste that can be achieved. And, after the talk, comes the really good bit-a lesson from experts in whisky tasting in the distillery or in a pub, restaurant or hotel bar, before going to the shop to buy your bottle.

So, check out the Whisky Trail website to find the distillery, pub, restaurant or hotel of your choice in the region that you like to visit!