The Know-How of Radermacher Distillery
Two centuries of expertise and a rigorous selection of its raw materials go some way towards explaining the distillation secrets of the Radermacher distillery.

Uncompromising on quality, it remains faithful to ancestral traditions and recipes while bowing to the demands of modern production, which come together to create distillates of an exceptional purity.

Product range - services / brands / markets
Its comprehensive range stretches from the famous Woodberries (fruity specialty) and number one Belgian aperitif, the MaƮtrepierre, to the latest member of the Belgian whisky family, Lambertus, from the delicious Belgian chocolate liqueurs After to the Radermacher fruit aperitives, a subtle mix of brandy and natural fruit juices. All the Radermacher products include natural ingredients.

For a long time, Radermacher products were the reserve of the lucky few and of Belgian connoisseurs, but they are now being enjoyed by a vast public in numerous countries worldwide.

Main references
The various Radermacher products can also be found served in Michelin-starred restaurants, particular bars and in specialized shops. Certain brands are also available from a selection of supermarket chains such as Delhaize, Colruyt and Carrefour.

The Radermacher distillery is one of the rare BRC certified companies to have been awarded an A grade and has now the certification for its organic Gin and Vodka.

Certification BRC
Certification IFS FOOD
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