Wijnhuis Douchy

Wine house Douchy has, apart from its vast selection of wines, a far-ranged whisky collection to offer.

The house is exclusive importer of Hart Brothers and Dun Bheagan.

Hart-Brothers is established in 1964 by Lain & Donald Hart.
They originally ran a business in Whisky and Scotch blends.
Alistair joined the company in 1975. He was appointed as the Chief Blender. For the moment only Alistair is still active in the company.

The firm itself has been bought by Campbell Meyer & C°, but Alistair is still looking for very delicate and unique whiskies from different distilleries. He bottles in general Single Cask and Cask Strength, sometimes at 46%.

Dun Bheagan is an independant bottler of the group Ian Macleod. They own the Glengoyne distillery.

Wijnhuis Douchy has, apart from the importation of Hart Brothers and Dun Beagan about 50 distillery bottlings.