About Us

Whether it is the Bagpipes, the Kilt, Haggis or Macbeth Scotland offers its unique culture to all Europe. Since history began, its people created with devotion a special magic which tourists could take with them as an unforgettable memory.

This source of inspiration is the basis of our group of several colleagues who have put together their know-how. We all share the fascination for the beauty of this country ( be it the highlands or the lochs or the beautiful city of Edinburgh), the pride of the people or its products. This joint fascination is displayed in this shop “We are Whisky” dedicated principally as the name suggests to Whisky and other Scottish products.

“We Are Whisky” wishes to intensify the interest of the Connoisseur, but equally to cultivate the interest of the Amateur. It is a shop for him but equally a boutique for her.
Come and discover "We are Whisky" for yourself and enjoy your own Scottish experience. We have several hundred whiskys, gift items, sweets, shortbread biscuits and unusual candy all waiting for you.
Welcome to our Bonnie Scotland.