Filliers Distillery

Filliers distillery in Belgium produces a range of drinks and spirits including jenever, gin and whisky. They have produced the first ever Belgian double-still whisky under the name Goldlys, and were the first distillery in Belgium to begin maturing whisky.

The distillery is situated in Bachte-Maria-Leerne, near Deinze, and not far from the city of Ghent in the province of East Flanders. The Filliers family began distilling jenever back in the 18th century when Karel Lodewijk Filliers decided to branch out from his career in farming. More than five generations later, the family is still producing quality spirits.

Their jenevers, to this day, are made from malt wine distilled on site in copper stills. They produce Oude Graanjenever; 'oude' meaning that the older production method is used, resulting in a far more flavourful spirit and 'graan' meaning only malt and grain are used.

In 1928, Firmin Filliers—part of the third generation of distillers—created the small-batch Fillers Dry Gin 28, using 28 botanicals in addition to juniper. His formula is still used today. Further products developed included advocaat, fruit jenevers, cream jenevers and vodka.

Goldlys is a single estate grain whisky produced at the Filliers distillery, near Ghent. It’s the first distillery to begin maturing whisky in Belgium. Goldlys is the result of a unique double still technique. We distil unusual aromas and flavours that are a result of carefully selected types of grains. Time and patience guarantee the perfect final stages of our production process.

The name comes from the nickname for the River Lys – ‘Golden River’ on whose banks the warehouses stand. In the past the river was a gold colour because of the presence of rotting flax in the water.