Beer and Liquor Store Jeroen

Beer and Liquor store Jeroen offers the opportunity to wander and search for surprising regional speciality beers and original local delicacies. An Old Geuze, a Wolf beer, a coffee "Van Goeden Huize" or a fruit marmelade by Wildiers, the very famous Scottish Brewdog beers and many more to discover.

A real discovery is the speciality beer 'Smokin' Elder', a smoked whisky beer brewed by Brewery De Vlier for Dranken Jeroen.

Talking about whisky then, Dranken Jeroen is specialised in independent bottlers, e.g. The Whisky Mercenary, The Whiskyman, Cask Aid, Whisky Import Belux, Brachadair, and bottlings for The Nectar and Premium Spirits.There is a wide offer of Belgian whiskies. Other spirits are also available.

The shop is open on 

Monday 13u00-18u30

Tuesday-Friday 09u00-12u00 * 13u00-18u30

Saterday 09u00-18u00

Sunday 09u30-12u00

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