Dram 242 isn't only a physical whisky shop but we're also:

Online shop
In the online shop you can browse through our catalog. Functionality of the shop is explained on the shop pages.

We import and distribute Scotch Whisky from following independent bottlers:

Anam na h-Alba, Maltbarn, The Whisky Warehouse N° 8, The Bottlers and The Whisky Cask.

Buy Whiskies
Got some whiskies you want to sell ? Contact us and we'll make you an offer.


We make an exciting event from your tasting. Here are some examples:

Anam na h-Alba
The Whisky Warehouse N° 8
Whisky Initiation
Scotch's Journey
The Islands
U.S. Blues
These examples are not binding and we can compose a tasting for any group and/or any budget.

Whiskyclub Templars Of The Malt

Lidgeld: € 35 eerste jaar, daarna € 25
5 new releases tastings per jaar


Do you want to buy a cask ? We can help you with this. Whether it's a new filled cask or an older one doesn't matter. We discuss the possibilities and options with you, make you an estimate and ask samples.

We remain involved with the follow-up of the cask after the purchase. Make sure the storage rent is paid, ask samples if you require them, make sure the botteling is done, help with the design of the label and the import of bottles, transportation and excise.


Dram 242 is available to organize all your whisky events. We can organize regular Whisky tastings but we can also offer some kind of whiskybar. We can do this in our own room but we also can do it at your place. We can be present with a whisky corner at your own event.

The Dram 242 Tasting Room can also be rented for your meetings.